Your use of the Freedom Sleeve symbolizes how deeply you care about coffee, elephants and earth. Your purchase protects the 10 Super Tuskers of Tsavo.

The Freedom Sleeve champions a new campaign  each month to drive progress on critical social issues. 

We accelerate impact by donating 100% of our​ ​revenues on the first five days of each month and 25% of our revenues for the rest of the month to partner nonprofits.​ ​

We reimagine everyday products, redefine​ ​the purpose of business and propel social​ ​change. Let’s join forces.

Our Conservation Partner 

Tsavo Trust

We are wildly proud to partner with the Super Tuskers of Tsavo, Kenya. It is estimated that only 25 Super Tusker elephants remain on the planet. 10 of these 25 Super Tuskers call Tsavo their home. 

Tsavo Trust has gone through deep budget cuts because of COVID-19. These budget cuts have negatively impacted the organization’s air surveillance and ground monitoring programs. Tsavo spans an area as large as Switzerland. The monitoring programs are a cornerstone to protecting the elephants.

Poaching is a significant and real threat to the Super Tuskers. The effects of COVID-19 have intensified these threats. Your purchase of the Freedom Sleeve is an investment in the future and protection of this magnificient elephant species.

The Freedom Sleeve is a multi-functional,  reusable and compostable coffee sleeve. 

It is designed to give your favorite mug, your mason jar or an on-the-go coffee cup an amazing, non-slip grip.

Ever wear a shoe without a sock? Nah! Same thing here.

No mug or cup without the Freedom Sleeve.

The Freedom Sleeves are crafted with pride in the USA.

The Freedom Sleeve comes in eight different colors. 

Plantable packaging is included with the compostable sleeve. You can plant this seed card to grow flowers in your home!

The Freedom Sleeve is designed for function, form and fashion.

If you’d rather use your sleeve to keep your laptop’s wires organized, then cheers to you.

You can also hook the Freedom Sleeve on your backpack or on your keychain. If you snap the Freedom Sleeve on to something you always carry, you will never forget to use and re-use it. 

Thank you for acting in solidarity to fight poaching and to save Tsavo’s Super Tuskers.

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